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April 25, 2006



Do you remember the little woodstock you used to draw? That is the first thing I thought of when I saw my first ultrasound. She looked just like Woodstock! Of course I still have the pictures and one day I will remember to bring them with me when I come out. Babysit TWINS...I don't think so but I can buddy up with one of your other friends and we can be a tag team! I may be able to handle them before they start to walk but after that...well you have been around Ashleigh. Love ya. Take care of you and I will talk to you soon, Tena.


Yaaaay. So happy for you and the twins! Thanks for the note...I just couldn't wait. Will be fun to follow you through this adventure to parenthood.


Twins!!! Amazing. I am happy for you on multiple levels. One because you have the opportunity that you have wished for so long. Two because you are having a double dose of fun with two babies. Three because you deserve all the happiness that you will have when those little beans grow up and say, "I love you mommy!" And many many more things. As a mom, I know some of the joys and sorrows that you are experiencing and will experience as time goes on. It is the most wonderful thing in the world!!! Yeah!!! I will have to check your blog often to keep updated on the progress of the little tiny babies. :) May God continue to watch over you and answer your prayers. Love, Becca


Congratulations! They're beautiful!


Congratulations! I look forward to following along with your blog. Your twins are due on December 10, right? So are mine. My fingers are crossed for a smooth ride for us both.


Hi Melissa - I followed you to your blog!!! What wonderful news, and isn't it wonderful to see the heartbeat (plural in your case!!!!) I am SO happy for you!



Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I run a website that lists pregnant bloggers. I have added your blog to the due date listings. If you would like for me to remove the link to your blog or if I need to correct any information, please do let me know. The site URL is http://babyblogorama.net and my e-mail address is my3monkeys at gmail dot com.

Thanks, and congrats again!


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