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May 24, 2006



Awww, I love it! I'm so glad that all is going well, M!


Your babies are beautiful! I love seeing the u/s pics!

Now, the unsolicited advice on placing pics in typepad...

When you upload the picture you have the option to either use the preset settings or customize- You want to select customize. When the customize window pops up, deselect the text wrap around option. I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but it's the top option. Then if you want to make the pics bigger you can play around with the size in the next option (pixel). And lastly, if you want the pics to be centered, once the image is already placed in your post simply type this at the front of the text:

And this at the end:

Voila! I hope that works! But of course, your babies already knew all that... :-)


M- The centering commands didn't show up in my post because they are commands. Duh. So, I'll send them to you in an email. I hope that it works...


OMGOSH baby names...okay I'll just lay it on ya...
Alexandra, Max, Andreya, Dakota, Jenna, Rylin, Jesse, Shawn, Alyssa, Jake, Sahalie, Sierra, Lilly, Elijah, Emma, I have more. :) Glad all is well. Now ....go have a steak!


Where do I start? T called me over the weekend and updated me on your progress. Glad to hear you are regaining your energy. I will send out the What to Expect w Twins book by Fri and Baby Bargains, hope you havent picked them up anywhere else yet.

I really hope for b/g, I think the cousins would really connect with that! As for names, I always liked Jaden and Ellie for a girl.:) As for boys that is more difficult. Luckily you have some time. It is going by quickly over here. I hope you get to really enjoy this preg, and the constant worry of whether they are doing well or not will ease up.

I mentioned to T that I would love to come down in Sept or Oct and help our, or just hang out - think about it. Love, C

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