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May 11, 2006



Oh, how I love good news! :-)


OK, about those names...did he put you on drugs! Do you want them to get beat up every day at school? hahaha How about Nickolas for a boy and Shelby for a girl?? Those were my choices and well I didn't have a boy and I went through major negotiations to get Ashleigh since Marv did not like Shelby at all. I am so glad you are doing well. In about another month you will get your energy back and turn into the nesting queen. I will get that breast pum[ out and send it. Read up on the Medella Pump in Style breast pump. It's the best. Of course my model is a few years old but it will pump you dry like a cow at the dairy farm. Of course that is all we are for the time we breast feed, milking cows! The best thing is you can freeze the breast milk. You can hook this pump up to both boobs at 1 time and just sit back and pump the milk right into baby bottles. When you start getting extra just freeze a bag here and there. They have special bags for this. Since the breast milk is only good for a certain amount of time after its pumped you will be able to get some froze for backup. And you can even train your boobs. Yes I know it sounds strange but I got my boobs trained for pumping at 6am, 12pm and 6pm once I went back to work. But let me tell you, if they didn't get milked I thought they would burst and they would hurt like crazy since they were full. Well thats all for now. STOP WORRYING. It's bad karma for the babies!!!


May I respectfully say that worrying is in no way connected to karma, especially for those babies? *hugs*

Now, please, an update? I worry about you three! :-)


T scanned the 10w u/s pics but she hasn't sent them yet. I hope to post later today or tonight. Love M

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