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June 12, 2006



Just re-found your blog (saved as a favorite on DH's laptop) I'm with you, the judging will come back to them. Its rally not my concern, and I hope to raise kids that will strong enough to handle it. BTW, I think its great. I think we would have considered using a sperm donor, too, if needed (and it may be).


I guess it makes sense that some folks would find cause for complaint with your situation. Some people will always find something to raise their eyebrows at. "Oh, but the bible says..." Those kinds of people scare the living daylights out of me. I feel sorry for them, with their narrow little minds and their boring little worlds- devoid of colors outside of the "normal" "socially acceptable" spectrum. Bullocks to them! (Did I just curse at them or order them to go clothing shopping? I meant the curse part!)

You know something though, I find you to be an inspiration! What a strong role model for other women, taking charge of your own destiny and making your dreams come true. We could all use a little more of that moxie!

I'm so impressed by your "gall" (hee hee!) that I told my mom about you. And my mom has been my role model for years. The kind of woman who is strong and bold and colors outside of the lines. The kind of woman that I aspire to be! So rock on sister!


Hi there,
I am glad to see all is going well except for those, um, people who have missplaced their heads up their asses! Since when do we care about what they think? I know you are thinking about the future but ya know what? You ahve so much love to give that once they are able to understand that you wanted them so much you were willing to go it alone not only will it make them feel like proud peacocks it will make them strong! Be sure to get pics of the outside of your tummy to! Love ya, Tena.

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