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July 06, 2006


Tena (Bogart)

Hi there mommy,
I to cried all the time so it's not unusual, just exhausting as you well know. The panic over well, everything, is also normal. I cried, worried, and was in a state of panic a lot. I found that this happened most when I was alone or just did not have anything to do. This is when the mind wonders and lets those thoughts and worries in. I know this easy to say and harder to do but when those thoughts and worries start to creap up just find something to do, make a phone call, uh um me me, clean house, play in the babies room. Staying busy helped. Oh yea, when driving to and from work, listen to the radio! I did most of my crying on the way to and home from work and noticed it happened when the mind was idle so I would blast some good ol rock n roll and forget, for awhile, those nagging feelings and worries. And by the way, you eat healthier than anyone I know! so I don't see your eating issues being a issue. And another thing...I to looked good from the back, all the way up to the day I delivered but boy when I turned around look out! I could knock you down from across the room!! :) Talk care and dont worry, be happy. PSS...Get used to being exhausted. Ashleigh is going to be 4 on August 7th and I still have not slept. You should see the bags under my eyes. I don't even need luggage whe I travel I just pack my baggy eyes!!! Love you, Tena.

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