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October 24, 2006



Glad you updated and are "hanging in there". Thinking good thoughts for you!


I'm glad to hear that your babies are still on the inside! Don't sweat the small stuff. Just keep yourself and the girls health - all the rest is peanuts! Remember, the best thing for your job/life situation is finishing up with a healthy pregnancy and healthy girls so don't even think about the rest!!

Jennifer Carlton

Oh Dawn. So sorry I missed your shower. Took my kids to Disneyland. Didn't realize it was that same weekend when we planned it and couldn't change reservations. Hang in there girl. We are all ANXIOUSLY awaiting the arrival of, not 1, but 2 new family members. Lots of love. Take care & god bless you and those babies!


I'm suspecting you've had those beautiful babies by now. Please update or email me and let me know all is well! Best thoughts for you three :)


Checking in hoping for an update! *hugs*

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