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January 24, 2007



they are *so* flipping cute! you are the luckiest mommy in the world!!!


Those really are very cute babies I don't even have to pretend!!!! I love the way your son looks like a boxer - so startled and slightly cross - and your little girl is so delicate. And when they are together..... aaaahhhhhhh.


OHmigod the video made me cry, that was beautiful. I love the pictures of your babies, you can see their different personalties coming to light. (And thanks for the words of encouragement at my site :) I hate the 2ww!!)



They are soooo cute! I love it when babies look like they actually see the world around them- not just like space cadets! Your kids look intelligent!


They are amazingly cute. And so smiley already, that's wonderful. I'm sure like me with mine you feel like every day you think they can't get any cuter, but you wake up in the morning, and they are (no, I was not always this cheesy, parenthood did it to me).

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