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March 11, 2007



What a fantastic post! I loved hearing/seeing all the beauty of where you live. You have inspired me...I might have to borrow/steal the idea and do a post on the beauty of nature around here. My dog's ears went up at the sound of the frogs. Best of course is the pic of the babies. They have gotten bigger!what a pair of cuties. How fantastic. I'm sorry you have gone back to work...I feel your pain.


I was at a wedding this past weekend at Lytle Creek and that's all you could hear once you got away from the music. Frogs, frogs and more frogs. My daughter thought it was so cool until some of the older kids caught frogs and chased her with them. lol.
Hugs to you friend
p.s. where the heck do you live anyway? have you told me before? lol. I wanna live where YOU are!

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