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April 06, 2007



Your boss sounds like mine. I hope the other job works out for you so you can get the hell out of there.


Your boss sounds like he's going way back to the original ideas behind autism: Bettleheim's Refrigerator Mother Theory. That's been out of vogue for more than 50 years.

I spent a huge part of my life in autism research and I think the only thing that's consistent is the crackpot theories that come up for both causes and cures. It's a devastating disease affecting way too many people, worldwide.

BTW the MMR vacine 'link' you mention IS thimerisol. That's the vaccine thimerosol was used more commonly in but most people don't understand the relationship between the preservative and the vaccine. And I think the best disputing evidence is coming out of Scandavia where thimerosol was banned earlier than here and there has been no drop in autism rates, in fact they've continued to rise.

The other thing about autism that's important to remember is that there is a wide spectrum. There are many folks with mild autism that weren't diagnosed years ago. Some of these people have very high IQs in fact but they are socially awkward. I do think we're doing a better job diagnosing and this accounts for at least part of the increase.


OMG, I cannot believe someone would have the nerve and stupidity to actually have those words come out of his mouth. What a moron. As for your subject, interesting ~ it happens to be one of my main focuses of interest in my studies, you'd think we were related, lol!!


um. HOLY CRAP. what a complete idiot!
Oh. My. God.
Well hun, at least he comes out looking like the ass because YOU certainly know better.
Now please post again, esp if you have new pics of the babes!

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